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At Progressive & Pacific Home Warranty,  you get industry leading warranty coverage in Canada which includes multiple assessments during construction to reduce or eliminate the potential for claims. You will also get unprecedented customer service with a personal client team assigned to you to cover any possible need you may have.

As we are a part of HUB International, you will find yourself at the center of a team of 400 brokerages across the Canada and the United States.  Our insurance teams have a deep knowledge of the issues you and your business are facing right now as well as those that will potentially affect you in the future and are here to ensure that your insurance is your insurance.




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At the end of the day, it boils down to heart, morals, and dedication to growing an ethical home warranty program. Yes, we provide the most cost effective, industry-leading warranty coverage in Canada, complete multiple assessments during construction to reduce / eliminate claims repair costs, and have value added products and services – but to us, it’s about making sure you, your employees, and your clients are treated like family!